Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day One - Bringing the 500SL Home

So I found this original 73,000 mile 1990 500sl through a friend. The car had been in the family since day one and a decent history, however it had sat neglected and unused.

First the car is a 1990 R129 500Sl. White with Navy Blue (132) interior.

The car has 73,147 Original Miles. (That's good and bad).

The car was owned by an elderly gentleman who used it as a pleasure vehicle. He ended up taking ill, and the car sat parked from 2003-2010.

He passed earlier in the year, and his grandson (who I am friends with) inherited the car. He put about $2600 into the following things to get the car back on the road.

-New tires, Brakes, exhaust, driver power window regulator, fluid changes, battery etc.

He had no particular interest in the car, and after some discussion and negotiation. I now own it.

The car needs a lot of work to be 100% but I got it cheap.

I'll make a list of the good and the bad.

The good:

Mechanically runs and drives perfectly.
Leaks Nothing.
Perfect bill of health from 2 mechanics
A/C works and blows cold. (it MAY still even be R12, I have no clue)
Body is straight, and dent and rust free
New tires on 18" AMG wheels.
Has the hardtop
Had the lower cladding and bumpers color matched at some point earlier in it's life.
Soft top in good condition

The bad: (and this is everything I have come up with so far)

Interior Cosmetics - new parts needed:

Seats NEED new upholstery. The leather is dried cracked and split. All power seat functions work.

The interior center console wood is showing its age, it is still in tact and there but it has a section that is faded a bit and has some cracks.

The drivers power window switch works, but it seems like the up position is picky. It almost seems like you have to push down, and then back up without letting go to get the window to go up. The actual electric functions of the window seem fine.

The power mirror adjustment switch is broken, the top piece that you turn left and right to select a mirror and move them is missing.

The portion of the sliding center console cover that covers the ashtray and cigar lighter assembly is missing.

The emergency brake release handle is broken off. I actually have the piece in the car, looks like you could release the brake with a pliers if you needed. I need to replace that piece.

The rear view mirror is there, and the actual mirror glass is in tact, BUT the plastic housing around it has broken off, I actually have the back of the housing but not the front frame around the mirror glass.

Hood pad is deteriorated, and virtually gone. Little pieces of foam sitting on the motor...

Here are the pictures of when I first brought her home:

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