Sunday, October 10, 2010

"///AMG" Pedal Set

So I scored this "///AMG" branded stainless steel pedal set on ebay for $26.50 shipped. It's not needed or anything, but I figured it would at least dress up the car a bit.

Initially it seemed as if it were not going to fit. So I contemplated selling it. After there was a ton of interest expressed about it, I decided to take another look, and realized that the only thing that would not fit would be the dead pedal, as the piece is flat, and the floor in that area is not. R129's don't have a really clearly defined dead pedal area in the floor, and this piece is flat, the floor is not.

So I decided to go ahead and install the 3 pieces that would fit in the car.
First I put the emergency brake release pedal on. The only thing that it needed was to pop off the original rubber one, and instead insert the new steel one, the rubber backing was the same.
Now the Accelerator and Brake pedals require a bit more work. The aftermarket pedals are held on with allen head bolts. First thing to do is remove the rubber brake pedal cover from the pedal. What I did next was to use a simple spring clamp to hold the pedal in place while I drilled the 4 holes for the bolts. 
The pedal material isn't that hard, and a 12v drill with a carbide 1/8" drill bit went through fine. Once I drilled all 4 holes I inserted the bolts in and tightened them up with the allen key. 
As you can see in the picture above, the next thing is to remove the factory rubber pedal covering the accelerator pedal. There is a rubber loop across the bottom of the pedal cover where it attaches to the base of the actual pedal. you can either unscrew the pedal from the floor and slip it off, or you can just cut it off (I chose the easy way out) 
Once you have the pedal off, clamp the accelerator pedal into place. The factory accelerator pedal is plastic and drills very easily, this part takes 2 seconds. 
Then just attach and tighten the bolts for the accelerator pedal and you're all done. I think it really adds to the look of the car. And don't mind the cheap all weather mats, I'm looking for a set of r129 mats in the right color, Just didn't want to mess up the carpet in the meanwhile.
Here's a pic of it all done, from a bit further.

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