Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peeling center caps no more...

So another one of the cosmetic things that bothered me about my 500sl was the fact that despite having the very nice and correct ///AMG wheels (with proper 129 part numbers) the wheel center caps had seen better days. The paint was peeling in some way on basically all of them, although a couple had the paint completely peeled off.

This is what they looked like:

This was one of the better ones. The next one had the paint peeled completely off:
After some searching, and looking at the various sets of center caps available for Mercedes wheels - virtually any MB wheel post 1985 uses the same center caps btw, I decided to look for a set of these:
They are from the newer 2001+ cars, and the Mercedes star and outer ring are chrome while the center is the standard silver Mercedes wheel color. I thought they would make the wheels stand out a bit. I managed to find a set of used ones in perfect condition for $20 shipped on ebay. When I went to put them on I realized the car had a set of McGuard wheel lock bolts on it, after tearing through the car I realized that the key was there, however I have had nothing but bad luck with wheel locks and the keys, so I ordered 4 new wheel bolts, and removed the wheel locks while taking off the wheels to change the center caps. 

Here is the car with the new center caps on. 

Sometimes it's the small things... There are a lot of little detail items this car needs that still need to be addressed. Slowly I'll get through all of them.

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